Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wallace BBQ From Grant's Side of the Table

I agree with Scott, if you see a bunch of fat guys hanging out around outside the place, it's got potential. Plus the number of work trucks right along side Cadillacs, Audi's, & nicer sedans makes me think this place is somewhat well established. Inside everything is brown. No dankness. Maybe cause it had been renovated in the past several years. It also has a big wait area inside.

Sit anywhere you like, just remember to grab a menu off the mantel or china hutch by the door, or make sure a waitress sees you come in. During a busy lunch you may not get noticed for a while. Menus are easy to navigate. No extra frilly appetizer section or franchise-jargon ; it goes right into plates, sides, sandwiches, and a la carte. Very good for a BBQ joint. No Sass to cover up for poor food. I'm very hopeful and excited after looking at the menu.

It get my standard, a beef plate & some Brunswick stew. "Beef??", you say. Yes beef, maybe I have a little bit of Texas in me. But if it is good enough, I may come back for other things. Besides I do not eat pork, except for Bacon, Pork Chops, BBQ Pork, & Pork Rinds. Sorry, I don't dine on swine. Anyways... I noticed you can add extra meat for $2 more. OK, do that to me too, I'm excited about heart attacks. So I have a beef plate, fries and some stew coming to me. After Betty leaves (all waiters & waitress are Betty), I realize I forgot to ask if it is going to be sliced, chopped, shredded, etc. So I get worried.

After a short wait, Betty brings back some grub. My plate is a circular divided cafeteria-standard issue plate, and an extra bowl full of stew. Betty also brings out an extra bowl of sauce. Luckily the beef is chopped. Everything looks good and cafeteria safe.

Their sauce is a vinegar based sauce. So it does not lay on top of the the food. It kinda soaks right in. I'm more partial to the tomato based sauces, but when in Austell. A little peppery more than vinegary tasting. It seems to separate after a few minutes. The beef is great, very tender especially cause I'm tossing more sauce onto it every few moments. Fries are poor, but it may have been a bad day for the spuds. I did get some bread with the plate. Just white a hamburger bun. I would have liked some sliced white bread instead. All BBQ joints should have sliced white bread ready and waiting. The stew is soupy and very generic. Really it seems like the ol' standard put everything into the processor & blended it up type of stew. Not a lot of spice in it, not lot of flavor. Adding Wallace's own hot sauce (provided at the table) does help out.

After leaving we become some of the fat guys hanging around outside. The parking lot seems a lot more empty now. I think Scott was wanting to have a cigarette. I was very happy with the chopped beef. I will probably get the stew again. But next time I may go for the ribs. Also I did over hear the guys behind us order what type of cut they want. So if you're into asking for center-cut, or side-cut, or end pieces, you may be in luck.

Wallace BBQ on a very good day would get an A-. On a regular day B-.



Sally Cowart Hughes said...

Wallace BBQ began next to the Drive on Bankhead Hwy. That is now the UPS center. It moved to a tiny house on Bankhead in Austell with spittin' distance of where they are now located.
Back in MY DAY every stew/plate came with at least a half a loaf of bread! And huge sweaty glasses of water that no one ever drank. Coz they used to serve "Co-Colas" in 8oz. glass bottles.
A pork stew/plate with a baked potato and a Co-Cola. will be my 1st meal in heaven!
Wallace's IS BBQ!!!!!

Sally Cowart Hughes said...

Excuse me......
The DRIVE -INN on B'head. Near Bolton where my Great-Grandmother is buried next to a city park.
Y'all remember......